Problems And Solutions Of Building A Production Level Highly Available

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Key problems and solutions of building a highly available, scalable and reliable distributed system by the name Dynamo are addressed by the Author in the article. Reliability will be achieved by using the replication. Sloppy quorum and anti-entropy with Merkle trees will be used for management impermanent, permanent failures. Incremental scalability will be achieved by use of constant hashing to divide the keys. The article addresses the problem that is based on building a production level highly available system for storing key-value pairs as suggested by the title. This paper work is important since of its specific needs which are single-purpose key-value pair storage system which focuses fully on accessibility. From existing approaches some of them are very complex and hence costly such like as database systems or focusing on strict uniformity and hence forgoing availability.
When designing a very available, accessible and a reliable storage system with very strict potential desires that assures SLA so that all the facilities that are built on top of it have the "always on" experience as the big problem. The Dynamo systems also concentrated on the principle of “always writable”. This means that, the problem of designing and implementing a tunable Distributed key-value store to suit the mixed requests on Amazon’s platform. Online shopping which is an important part of IT industry is also addressed in the article as another problem. To enable the industry achieve…

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