Problem Statement For Hospital Readmissions

1.1 Problem statements

Hospital Readmissions are becoming an increasingly painful and public problem for general public and hospitals in both finances and patient care. Hospital readmissions are generally known as multiple inpatient remains within a specified time period by the identical patient. Commonly a hospital readmission happens when a patient is admitted to a hospital within a specified time interval after being released from an earlier hospitalization. Nowadays, Hospitalizations are very expensive, bookkeeping for approximately 31% of total health care expenditures [2]. In Medicare, inpatient care accounts for 37 % of consumption [3] and readmissions contribute importantly to that charge: 18 % of Medicare patients escape from the
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Diabetes is a main reason of kidney failure, heart attacks, stroke, blindness and lower limb amputation, on the other hand diabetes prevalence has been rising more rapidly in both middle income and low income countries such as Bangladesh. Lack of proper knowledge about the effect of diabetes many of the people in the third world country are considered that diabetes is a normal disease and they are not concern enough regarding their health. After a certain time, many of the patient whose body were already made insulin resistance face various problems like kidney disease, heart attacks, stroke and other problems. As a result a great number of patient who are affected by diabetes disease are admitted in hospital and take medicine.When the patient are felt good then they leave hospital. After a periodic time interval these patient are again faced a trouble and admitted in hospital which are continued. Since re-hospitalization are very expensive for payers, it make a bad impact on the patient mind. Due to re-hospitalization the family structure are completely broken down and all the members are suffered. Many family had vanished for these reason and the people of Bangladesh had also suffered to this problem. A good number of patient in Bangladesh are affected by various serious diseases like kidney failure and diabetes is the main reason for these diseases. Finding no other alternative most of the patient are admitted in hospital which happen repeatedly. As a result the patient family are faced an extensive problem. If necessary steps will take to solve for this unplanned hospital readmission, this major problem will be reduced greatly. Consequently we are highly motivated for doing this

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