Problem Solving Final Project Essay

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GE 184 Problem Solving

Final Project

National Security

Alejandro Valdez

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I picked national security because I think it’s a pretty important topic in these days, the lives of a lot people depend on how well we take care of this matter. But however there are people against the procedures or the methods we have to ensure national security. And through this project I would try to explain some of them and their advantages and disadvantages.

There are many complaints about the screening procedures at airports; people understand that it’s important to make sure we enforce these procedures but at the same time
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We can make this by adding more people to the security staff, using better equipment look for dangerous stuff instead of asking people to take their clothes off or security staff touching people bodies looking for dangerous items.

Did u solve completely?
I don’t think this problem can be solve completely due to the fact there’s people that are going to keep complaining about the methods used.
Was it safe?
Yes it was safe.
Was it ethical?
Yes it was ethical.


I came to the conclusion this is a very difficult problem to solve, a lot of lives depend on the right enforce of this security procedures and even if people don’t like them they seem to be working perfectly, but yet it does not mean that we can’t do something about them to make them work better; we can create better ways to enforce the security and make sure we are safe, a lot of lives depend on it.


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