Problem Solving A Problem Solution Essay

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Problem solving. When a problem arises in this family, they sit down and talk about how they are going to solve it. The main problem being dealt with in this family is with CS and her condition. The one who first noticed her problem was her grandma. She started noticing little things like cleaning door knobs before entering a room and not eating food if it was touching something. Once it was identified to the parents, they started watching for the cues as well. It got to a point where the family was very concerned with her, because they did not know what was going on. They finally decided on a solution of going to the doctor and getting her checked out, and it was OCD along with anxiety. The family sat down and came up with solutions to help CS live a normal life in the household. They decided on having her take medication to help calm her anxiety but also incorporating things within the house such as washing her clothes multiple times, letting her dish up her own dinner so no one touched it, and putting wet wipes around the house. It was a hard thing for the family to accept, but they handled it very well. Roles. While everyone in the family tries to share the roles of the household, everyone does have a role that they determined as their own in the interview. Starting with the mother, she described herself as the caregiver of the family. She has a part-time job, so she gets to be home talking care of the house half of the time. She is the one who normally does the…

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