Problem Solution For Homelessness

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Homelessness is the condition of people without a regular dwelling or safe home (Leblanc). In the year 2015, there were three and a half million homeless people just in the United States (Leblanc). Even more outstanding, there are currently one hundred million people worldwide who have no place to live (Leblanc). Rather than decreasing, these numbers have increased every year since 2012. Unfortunately, instead of finding a solution to the problem, the public and government have simply turned a blind eye towards the epidemic. The government and the communities not only in the United States, but also worldwide, need to work together to find a solution to the rising homelessness epidemic. There are many causes of homelessness, but the majority …show more content…
When divorce happens, family incomes drop by 50% and often times cause families to fall below the poverty line (Crary). Most of the time, divorce will not cause homelessness by itself, but the combination of a mental disease or job loss in tandem will. Although divorce is a big problem within families, it isn’t the only one causing homelessness. Often times family disputes such as, domestic violence or a serious family ailment, can push a family over the edge and into the realm of homelessness. This problem is not within the government, but the people of our nation. People need to look at the whole picture before their actions. The children are the future and we should be focusing on them the most, but with one million of them being homeless just in the United States alone, what does this do to their minds? Seeing domestic violence or experiencing your parents getting a divorce causes mental illnesses, and then makes you fall back into this vicious cycle called homelessness (Fagan). Homelessness is a rising problem worldwide, but seems to be getting looked over in every aspect. There are many causes to homelessness, but people struggle to get away from the homeless life. The government and people throughout various communities and nations need to take new steps to stop this rising problem. We need to look within our human morality and think what we would want done if we were in these people’s positions. We as humans are all brothers and sisters. We need to get back to this mentality and help each other like one big family and solve the homelessness

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