Problem Solution : Critical And Primary Source Essay

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To identify a problem form the critical source to argue about, I first identify the main ideas of the source by highlight the main idea and topic sentences in the essay, then try to think of the arguments that can be made based on those points. I then choose one of these potential arguments to be the Problem/Question of my paper. I then write down my specific opinion on this Problem/Question, including which points from the critical source that I agree and disagree with. I then rethink of the opinion according to the evidence shown in the primary source. For example, in Paper 3, I would first form my opinion on the critic’s take on The Babadook, and rethink my argument base on the evidences presented in the movie itself. This then becomes the first part of my Claim/Resolution. Immediately after stating my opinion on the critical and primary source, I try to develop several points that support this opinion and try to combine these points with my opinion to get the full Claim/Resolution. In terms of Significance, I would look into my own Claim and first list of some reasons of why this different interpretation of the primary source from the critical source might be helpful for the readers’ understanding of the primary source’s style, and main idea and how this might affect their opinion about writing and life in general. Once I have my introduction paragraph and main Claim/Resolution, I would write down the several supporting points that I put in the Claim earlier.…

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