Problem-Enforcement And The Operational Strategies Of A Police Officer

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Register to read the introduction… These strategies are preventive patrol, routine incident response, emergency response, criminal investigation, and problem-solving, and support services. Just seeing an officer in a neighborhood is preventive patrol. The Majority of people seem to feel a sense of security when an officer is around and have an inclination to obeying the law. During a routine incident an officer is to obtain information about the crime that has occurred and give the victim a sense of security. When there is a long response time it, may be because of an emergency response that has been called in before a minor car accident. Emergency response occurs when the police are called out to a crime that is taking place at the moment or some type of natural disaster. These types of calls take precedence over other calls. Criminal investigation do not take up much of the officers time, but when they are the first to respond to a crime scene they are to gather evidence and secure the scene of the crime. The Majority of calls an officer responds too is domestic violence calls, he or she may have to decide if one of the people at the scene is to go to jail or if one should try to fuse the situation. An officer’s problem solving skills must come in handy. With support services an officer may have to train a new officer, or required to dispatch or other administrative jobs inside the

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