Probation Punishment Is Not A Threat Back Into Society Essay

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Probation is a sentence used as an opportunity by the court to release an offender, who does not pose a threat back into society. Kris Young at the young age of thirteen committed his first crime involving battery where he received probation. The court considered juvenile probation as an option to provide structured and corrective action to help Kris to learn from his bad judgment. Probation often replaces jail time focusing on a set of strict guidelines and conditions the offender must successfully follow. As stated in, "Courts typically grant probation for first-time or low-risk offenders. Statutes determine when probation is possible, but it is up to the sentencing judge to determine whether or not to actually grant probation". Regrettably, while on juvenile probation, Kris was arrested for criminal trespass therefore given additional probation time which he completed. There has not been another offense until Kris became an adult.
At the age of twenty-five, Kris was arrested and pled guilty to theft. He attempted to steal a leather jacket worth six hundred dollars from a retail store. Although he was on probation as a youth, the judge extended mercy and required that he be placed on probation. Kris 's probation officer, Robert Donovan reviewed the file and made a recommendation to the court for intensive supervision probation. His probation is allotted for two years.
In my review of Kris 's file, officer Robert and I have aligned on a few…

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