Probation As A Probation Officer Essay

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People who are on probation must be assigned a probation officer. People who want to become a probation officer may not realize that the job has many requirements.
Probation is a penalty that 's been ordered by the court system. A person is put on probation. When they’ve been found guilty of committing a crime. Probation lets a person stay in their community, as long as they’re being supervised by a probation officer. However, probation is not an option for every single offense. Some offenders go to jail or prison without ever having the offer of probation (Cohen 87).
A probation officer supervises people who have been ordered by the courts to be placed on probation instead of sent to prison. A probation officer may drug test the offender, discuss treatment plans for them, report anything that is needed, and monitor their activities. The probation officer could seek out special organizations for an offender to join for more support. They also make house visits at any time. They can revoke your probation at any time if you do not follow a certain set of guide lines. A probation officer may also ride with a cop to pick you up if you have a warrant out for your arrest (Probation).
A probation officer makes around $23.59 per hour, $49,060 per year. Some benefits of working as a probation officer include: paid time off (vacation and sick leave), medical, dental and vision insurance, life insurance, childcare and education, and retirement and 401K benefits. (Human Services…

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