Probability, Randomness, And Chance Essay

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Probability, randomness, and chance should be central in any STEM pedagogical model. The concepts of randomness and chance play a very significant role in the essence of all sciences, and especially in the empirical sciences. Randomness is a critical component of biological modeling at many levels in a wide range of systems. The fundamental axioms of the quantum paradigm in physics are, by definition, essentially stochastic. Economics uses the randomness in human thought to create econometric models that business models can use to optimize their decisions. Traffic flow applications use Poisson distributions as a critical component of their models. It is difficult to imagine a scientific discipline that does not use randomness as a critical component of its models. Therefore, it is clear we should include the concepts of randomness, chance, and probability early in any curriculum related to STEM disciplines.
Our STEM curriculum at William Penn explores the concept of randomness, probability, and chance. When students take a course in statistics, they explore the concepts of discrete probabilities, odds against, odds in favor, and a variety of probability distributions. To internalize these concepts, to acquire a deeper understanding, and to gain a better appreciation of their importance, we need to create hands-on activities that relate directly to applications in physics, chemistry, biology, and the social sciences. In order to create interesting…

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