Pro Life Is Pro And Pro Choice Essay

1016 Words Mar 18th, 2016 null Page
For centuries, women have been fighting for rights they should be entitled to the same way men are. From the right to an education, to working, to voting; it’s no surprise some women have to fight for the right to control their uteruses as well. The big debate in America is pro-life vs. pro-choice. To break it down simply, pro-life is anti-abortion, while pro-choice is giving women the right to decide for themselves, so pro-abortion. The controversy is that women would be aborting innocent children and that’s immoral, while the opposing side stands firmly behind the claim that are various reasons why a woman would choice to abort their unborn child, whether it be for financial reasons, a pregnancy by rape, simply because they don’t want the burden of a child, etc. Whatever the reason may be, it’s up to the woman to decide, not a law or anyone else for that matter. Generally speaking, if you’re admitted into a hospital, it’s up to the patient (or family if unable to make that choice) to decide what treatment to undergo; it’s also their right to deny further treatment, whether their physician is highly against it or not. In the field of medicine, the choice is in the hands of the patient, given that they are autonomous and fully conscious of their situation and possible treatment options. Now, under what basis would a woman who would like to undergo an abortion, a medical procedure like any other further requiring the patient’s cooperation and approval, not be granted one?…

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