Pro Life And Pro Choice Essay

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The topic of abortions has been one of the biggest controversial debates of all time. There are two sides that any person can choose from: Pro-Life and Pro-Choice. Pro-life advocates believe that abortions are unethical and morally wrong, that it is the governments job to protect all lives including the lives of an unborn fetus. Pro-choice supporters believe that the a women is safe under the 14th Amendment declaring a women has the choice of abortion. What a women does to her body is her choice.
What pro-life people should know is that abortion is going to happen no matter what. Rather it be legally or illegally. Abortion should not be taken away as an option for women because women who are rape victims can be reminded of a dark time and push resentment towards their baby, some women can not afford a baby and some pregnancies can cause mental and physical conditions that can in danger the mother if her pregnancy is continued.
Every year there are thousands of women who become pregnant as a result of rape. The attack itself is very traumatic and already difficult to cope with so forcing victims to carry a psychical reminder with them for nine months can cause emotional stress, often harmful for a baby. Most of the time rape victims reject their baby due to their resemblance of their mothers attacker. "I couldn 't look at him, I told them to take him away" - Lisa, a sixteen year old rape victim. (The Sun, 2004) "I 've wished death upon my child" - Elizabeth, a gang rape…

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