Essay on Pro Life And Pro Choice

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Abortion is a controversial topic worldwide. There are two very opposite views on abortion. There is Pro-life and Pro-choice. Pro-life is where one believes that abortion should be banned. Pro-choice is where one believes that abortion should not be banned and women should have a choice whether or not to have an abortion. Abortion is when a woman makes the choice to deliberately end their pregnancy. However, abortion should be banned because it is immoral. An immoral act is when someone commits an act that violates moral principles. Abortion is immoral because it is murder, it opens an opportunity for selective abortion, and it neglects unborn children’s rights. Murder, selective abortion, and neglecting unborn rights are considered to be immoral acts because it violates moral principles today.
One question that should be easy to answer by common sense has become quite impossible in today’s society. This question should be easily proven by science, however, its answer is overlooked so that people do not feel bad for their immoral acts. The question is, when does life begin? People in today’s society want to overlook science and want to come up with answers that justify their actions. Some people want to believe life does not begin until birth or when the life is viable. They believe this because it justifies their action on abortion. They also believe abortion is not murder because the life was not viable yet. However, they are wrong. John Dougherty states in his article,…

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