Pro Choice Arguments Against Abortion Essay

2377 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 10 Pages
When it comes to living a ~~ life, people tend to define “good” as whatever brings enjoyment and happiness and “bad” as whatever is burdening or distressing. Therefore, we should seek out the good in life and avoid or remove the bad. In cases of abortion, though, where a life is unwanted and burdensome, is it justified to remove it? After all, a life is viewed as a much higher value than s personal goods. Pro-life arguments opposing abortion say that each child has the right to life, is a human at the moment of conception, and ~~. Pro-choice arguments supporting abortion argue that a child’s life begins at birth, a woman has the right over her body, and abortion promotes autonomy. My primary claim is that any aborting any child that will not interfere with survival of itself, its mother, or both of their lives is immoral because it is the same as murder. For my claim, I will not refer to any religious arguments, as doing so would just introduce a wide range of other arguments to debate. Furthermore, I believe it is possible to sufficiently prove abortion is wrong without regarding religion. I will cover common arguments for pro-choice and try to refute these arguments along with a moral theory of my own.
I want to quickly review my definitions of “killing”, “murder” and “personal gain”. Killing is the taking of a life either unintentionally, from self-defense, or ~~. Murder is the deliberate, selfish act of taking a life for personal gain. I also want to define of personal…

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