Essay on Pro Choice And Pro Life

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Spanning through decades and even centuries, the controversial topic of abortion has started many arguments, ended plenty of relationships and invoked a variety of emotions. Separated by religious, ethical, and/or political values this controversial topic has been divided into two different outlooks, pro-choice and pro-life. Scholars on both sides frame certain types of historical questions concerning abortion differently resulting in different conclusions and different stances. Pro-life scholars frame these historical questions in a way that indicates that they see abortion as a crime. Pro-choice scholars, however, frame these questions through the exhibition of rhetoric of choice. Evaluating the differences between the way pro-life and pro-choice scholars frame their questions allowed me to associate my own values with the pro-choice stance.
Seeing abortion as a crime because of its legal status, pro-life scholars attempt to protect the fetal life. Keown, a pro-life scholar, states “In light of the fact that for over 700 years the Anglo-American common law tradition had punished or otherwise disapproved of suicide and assisted suicide the Court went on to reject the claim that the Constitution contains a right to assisted Suicide” (1). By comparing abortion to assisted suicide, the bad an unlawful connotation associated with suicide is projected on abortion. This creates a court-like atmosphere with the stereotype of abortion being disgraceful. Abortion was also associated…

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