Pro Athletes Get Paid Too Much Essay

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In the two articles “Do professional athletes get paid too much” and “Pro athletes salaries are not overly exorbitant”. They talk about the salaries of pro athletes. In the first article “Do professional athletes get paid too much.” They talk about how the salaries of pro athletes are to much. The article talks about how sports are for entertainment and Pro Athletes don’t deserve the millions of money they get by playing a sport. While in the second article “Pro athletes salaries are not overly exorbitant” in this article it talks about how the athletes deserve what they get. The article is claiming that the athletes do deserve the money they get in this article. I believe that athletes athletes, professional get paid too much.

In the article “Do professional athletes get paid too much” I believe that the athletes are getting more money than they deserve just for entertainment. In the article it says “Athletes are paid far too much for simply playing a game”. I think that the amount of money
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They ask for the money they get and get it most times, they get paid for entertaining people, get paid more than people with pro jobs that help people and more. I believe the millions of money they get they don’t deserve. Also when there career comes to an end or/and they get injured most of them do not have a backup plan, and since they don’t have a backup plan they have millions of dollars as their salary making them not to need a backup plan. In conclusion I believe that pro athletes do not deserve the salary they get and that their salary is over exorbitant. I say that because entertaining people does not help anyone. Also that is their hobby and most people that get a job get it for money and are actually helping others. Police help people with crimes and just to help them and teachers educate while sports players play. In my conclusion I still do not believe that pro athletes deserve their

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