World War Effects

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War can be defined as a conflict between different nations or states but the truth behind it all is what is it really doing to our nation that many of us fail to see? World war two was a time of devastation and global economic destruction that caused a domino effect and ruined many investors within the U.S. On October 29, 1929 the New York stock market crashed and was predicted to set off a worldwide depression and have profound effects on the economic, social, and political structure of every industrialized country around the world and make a path directed towards war. In 1932, the American midwest turned into a dust bowl and set off a record drought and was labeled the worst year of the Great depression.
The Great depression caused many
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Without a doubt at that point in time president Bush 's first year was used to fight many terrorist attacks that later compelled him to launch a war against terrorism that initiated in Afghanistan and Iraq. This war later brought hatred towards W. bush that later in his 2006 election hurt him drastically, many people argued that all they heard was more and more deaths happening in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bush was not providing enough evidence to show any real progress in stabilizing the country and made voters start to doubt the promises he had …show more content…
The president planned on taking over Iraq and restarting the continuous flow of oil to the U.S but with war, it has always been uncertain for the reasons of once war occurs, everything and anything is on the table ready to be taken from us. War once ended with peace treaties now it 's everyone for themselves you can 't really trust the people you have as partners but you are kind of made to trust them since they seem to say they trust you. The economic battle sometimes can be for the best and instead of losing jobs it can bring a large demand for new jobs after world war two many factory labor jobs were created and the value of goods shot dramatically up by 250 percent a couple years later that same value increased another 30 percent in the late 1960’s . This growth influenced many to start their own business and in

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