Pro Abortion Is Moral Or Immoral Essay

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Pro abortion
Number of abortion cases has been increasing throughout the World. In most developed countries, performing abortion is illegal while in other developing country abortion is not encouraged. There have been controversial topics when it comes to issues regarding abortion over the decades especially whether abortion is moral or immoral. People all over the world have been having different opinions when discussing about abortion. For example countries like the United States of America has been having a very serious heated politics surrounding the issue of pro abortions. The aim of this study is to critically examine why pro abortion should be supported and reasons against supporting it. For instance from our findings, one of the reason for supporting abortion was on the grounds that women who are victims of rape cases should not be forced to keep the pregnancy. One of the reasons against it was that abortion was highly related to murder because life begins at conceptions and abortion involves taking away of life.
Going back to the ancient time, it is possible to address some practices which involved control of fertility. For instance, in Egypt, usage of papyrus lives with recipes was found by archeologist instructing women on the use of herbs and natural substances to help in prevention of contraception.1 it is possible to note that process of removing ovaries was already being put in practice during the ancient times.1 However, these practices had some…

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