Privilege And Privilege In Education

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Imagine a world where millions of people live in the same condition and in the same environment. If individuals do not have their own color, the world would not have various and necessary fields such as medical, technology, or education since individuals tend to choose their jobs based on their personality and color. Among them, education began in the very distant past. Educators and students were always coexist, and the relationship between them has been maintained by their own privilege even though education has been reformed so many times to find better methods of teaching. Privilege is a special right, advantage, or immunity available to a particular person or group of people. Educators have their own privilege to give their profound knowledge …show more content…
Eventually, these factors mold unique and only one individual in the world. The essay of Cathy Davidson talked about how mandatory, compulsory public schooling developed over the course of the last half of the nineteenth century and got its full wind at the turn into the twentieth century as part of America’s process of industrialization and how young children during that time period in the USA were educated because of the particular situation that the US experienced at that time. “With machines that needed to run on schedule and an assembly line that required human precision and efficiency, schools began to place a great emphasis on time and timeliness. Curriculum, too, was directed toward focusing on a task, including the mastery of a specified syllabus of required learning”(Davidson 57). Since the US, at that time, required people who were able to operate machines, people who lived near the factories and urban areas had opportunities to learn how those machines work and experience new things. Not only that, but also children were able to start attending school earlier than other in the urban area. Therefore, it was their privilege compared to people lived far from the city who might not even know what happened during …show more content…
“Another way is through public schools, a lifetime of determined and focused study, getting A’s and even A+ grades in every class, always taking the most difficult courses, earning perfect scores on tests, and doing lots of extracurricular their entire lives”(Davidson 51). It is easy to see that people who were born in rich families have more privilege than people who were born in average families. However, a child in rich family did not choose to born in that family and the child has his or her own grievance in his or her life too. Also, a child who went through public schools does have his or her own privilege, which is to be able to receive education, compared to a child who lives in the country with poor education. Therefore, people cannot compare two different classes of students since everything is relative, and everyone has own

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