Privilege And Oppression And Discrimination Essays

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Privilege and oppression stems from the socially contracted categories that are used to identify who we are. Whether aware of it or not, most of us find our lives affected by both privilege and oppression. Further meaning, are lives are shaped by the oppression and privilege we experience. It affects who we are and how we interact with those around us. In order to decipher how you experience privilege and oppression, when it isn’t clear, it’s important to identify your socially constructed categories and how they either put you at an advantage or disadvantage. I believe that I am aware of most of my oppressions but not so much my privilege. This is supported by the fact that socially constructed categories and how they affect systematic inequalities have constantly made it difficult for me to identify myself. However, I will take this positionality statement, as a moment, to hopefully make my oppression and privilege more clear to myself.
I have constantly bounced between identifying myself as multi-racial or biracial since many European based ethnicities are clumped together as Caucasian. However, I have realized that my nationality is American and my race is black and white. Ethnically speaking I am African-American, Caucasian, Irish, German, Italian, French, Native American, and Slovakian. Although, I generally just identify as being black and white because I have a deep connection to them but in terms of the other ethnicities, I do not. Furthermore, society has created…

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