Privatization Of Water Is Essential For Life Essay examples

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It’s no secret that water is essential for life. From humans to animals, we all need water in order to survive. Water should be universally considered and accepted as a human right, just like air. Through Resolution 64/292 the United Nations officially declared water as a human right in 2010 (UN). As stated by the researchers of, a huge problem we’re facing in this day and age is “privatization of water for corporate interest rather than human rights” (Johnson). When water rights are given to private corporations or companies whose main goal is to maximize profits instead of serve the public, many problems arise. Privatization enables exploitation of water, which leads to higher rates for consumers, compromised water quality, no control, and virtually no way out without a major financial burden. (cite) The main goal for private corporations is making money. Over anything and everything else, their number one priority is maximizing profits. These Private companies aren’t under the same obligations as state or public organizations. They view water as a commodity rather than a universal human right. Privatization of public water ultimately means higher prices and inferior service for the public consumers. Once water rights are signed over to a private corporation, it is extremely difficult to gain those water rights back. The water system is in their hands and if they fail to adhere to their standards and the public consumers are unhappy, they are virtually handcuffed into…

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