Private Property Systems Work Essay

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How to fix what’s been broken?
Capitalism focuses on the importance of private ownership in terms of an economic system. Key concepts associated with capitalism includes: private property, capital accumulation, competitive markets, wage labour and even voluntary exchange. In this paper I plan to assess the ways in which private property systems work to emphasize capitalism after which I will present the various ways in which resistance to this systemic oppression can eventually lead to its destruction.
As a result of the system of capitalism several original inhabitants were displaced and coerced to work at the whim of their greedy profit seeking employer. This system allows the displacement of individuals who had no access to fixed capital and resorts to use the only form they had which was their labour. They had to as Kaufman puts it “sell their tame for wages” (Kaufman, 37). It was the only way for them to gain a position in the economy that develops around them. The truth was that “Markets will not provide goods to people who have no money” (36) so because of their unfortunate position they were forced into it. As this capitalist economy develops, the need to sell one’s labour also becomes a necessary engagement among the poor class of society. “deprived of their farming and grazing land, the only option left to the poor was to sell their time for wages… formerly independent and largely self-sufficient labourers resented it tremendously…vulnerable to the fluctuations…

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