Private Prisons Are Compared With Public Prisons Essays

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5. What issues are associated with “privatized prisons”? What does research indicate when private prisons are compared with public prisons?
Private prisons have been having an issue on the good information since they are business with the aim of generating greatest profits by all the means that area available. The provisions of the humane and safe conditions in the confinement of the law offenders while in the custody are their distant and secondary goal. Private prisons have been found to be the key players of in the driving of explosion of the huge deprivation of the offenders in the families, community and the government. Innocent people have suffered terribly due to the increased incarceration, and this is as the result of the private prisons that are making billions of money (Margaret Winter, 2012).
The research has indicated that, in the comparison of the private and public prisons, the private prisons have higher incidences of violence and inmates escape. This has been attributed to the staff levels that are low and poor training facilities. The assaults on the private prison guards by the inmates have been very high in private prisons than in the public prisons. The same research indicated that the assaults of the fellow inmates are also very high in the private prisons.
A conclusive research has also indicated that the correctional facilities in the private prisons are no longer cost saving or safer as compared to the state prisons. Since the public prisons are able…

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