Private Prisons And Public Prisons Essay

1565 Words May 11th, 2015 null Page
In 1995 the stock of Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) went up 400%, the reason for the rise in stock was a direct correlation with the rise of crime and incarceration. People were buying stocks in crime and incarceration and the CCA and other private prison 's profits were skyrocketing. Private prisons have no incentive to decrease crime because it would decrease their profits. They would even compromise the safety of inmates, staff and the community by minimizing cost of staff, security and services if it meant they would profit from it. The most important thing for private prison corporations is money, they see prisoners as an opportunity to make money and not a human being. Private prisons motives are purely to make money, which is why are more expensive, morally wrong, do not reduce recidivism rates, are more prone to violence, homicides and escapes and are not as effective as public prisons.
During the "tough on crime" era in the 1980 's prisons began to reach maximum capacity. This became a problem for two reasons; prisons could no longer house prisoners and the cost become too much for the state to bear. Thus, became the need for more prisons and at a cheaper cost. Although, private prisons and or for profit prisons, provide the state with more room they did not provide a cheaper alternative. Proponents of private prisons, (which tend to be people who profit off them), claim that private prisons are indeed cheaper. To address this question, a meta-analysis…

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