Private Enterprises And Private Prisons Essay

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Private Enterprises or Corporations have had an amazingly large political influence through government ties, campaign contributions, and lobbying power, while attempting to alter the rhetoric of justice into the dialect of the marketplace. With this, they accuse government agencies of having a monopoly on prisons and espouse the need to downsize. These Private Enterprises claimed that they can manage prisons more efficiently and cheaper while saving the taxpayers money. Studies, some moderately funded by the industry, regularly conclude that states can save money by using for-profit institutions. However, academic or state-funded studies have found that private institutions tend to keep the more economical inmates and send others back to state-run prisons. Though some argue private prison institutions are more cost-effective than state or federal ran prisons, many of course disagree with this premises. Supporters of prison privatization also claim that they can run prisons more cheaply than do the states. However, the U. S. General Accounting Office issued a report comparing the costs of public and private prisons. After reviewing five separate studies, it could not determine whether privatization saved money. Another study concluded that private prisons were no more cost- effective than public prisons. In cases where cost savings can be shown, such savings are fairly modest and result from reductions in staffing, fringe benefits, and other personnel- related costs. For…

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