Private Education: The Characteristics And Contributions Of Public Schools

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As a parent have you ever wondered what type of education would benefit your child’s educational future more? There are many great aspects that come with attending public school, but there are also many aspects that come along with private schooling. Private schools offer up many great contributions to a student in which a public school would struggle to offer a student. Some of these contributions that help students include curriculum control, certification for teachers, and high standards for discipline and respect. These characteristics or contributions that private schooling offers helps set them apart from public schooling.
To begin with private schools have a lot of freedom to control what type of curriculum to teach to children. According
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The public school is usually widely diverse compared to most private schools. This helps the students understand how to behave with other groups of people so when they leave to go to college they will not be scared or be shy when they have to meet new people (Decision). This can help them excel because they can get in a group of friends or be able to reach out to professors a lot easier to help stay committed to school or to help in studying for test and write papers for college. Public schools also get funded by the government and it helps because a lot of the time in private schools they don’t have enough money to hire enough teachers or offer the same classes as public school can with all extra electives and AP courses. Students in public school have most of the time a lot more options in classes that can prepare them for college compared to private school students (Private). These classes can be from ACT prep to AP Biology. This helps the students get their mind ready to be learning at a higher level. The problem with public school funded academics is they are required to do the state certified curriculum compared to private schools that can make the curriculum based on what they think at the time will benefit the students more for college. Public schools have their teachers certified by the state …show more content…
We interviewed Tonya Wilson, who teaches 6th grade math and science at Hartville, and asked which schooling she thought better prepared students for college. Her response even though teaching at a public school was, “I believe that private schooling does a better job preparing students for college. The curriculum they have does a better job challenging students and pushing them towards success. Although I do believe that public schools have many traits and characteristics that private schools may not be able to provide”. With this information that has been gathered it is almost a general thought that most people believe private schooling does prepare students more appropriately for

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