Cordova's Intimacy Strength In Vulnerability

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Response To James A. Cordova 's Intimacy: Strength In Vulnerability
In Intimacy Strength In Vulnerability J.V. Cordova summarizes the characteristic behaviors that can be observed between successful couples. Cordova argues that the best indicator on the strength of a relationship is the closeness and intimacy between both individuals. Even though one of Cordova 's main points is that relationships can be hurtful, he encourages people to open up and take a chance. Sometimes taking a chance is all you need in order to find someone great in your life.
Cordova begins the chapter Intimacy Strength In Vulnerability by identifying that intimacy and closeness between couples is one the best methods to measure the strength and potential success
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In order to have the opportunity to be involves in a truly intimate relationship one must willing to pay a price for a failed relationship. Cordova explains that in the process of trying to develop intimacy you people tend to expose a lot more about their vulnerabilities which eventually leaves us unguarded against our partner. It is this state of vulnerability that will make us pay the ultimate price when one day the relationship can no longer be; emotional pain. It is for this specific reason that Cordova refers vulnerability as the real price to intimacy and vulnerability itself as the unavoidable reason for emotional …show more content…
As a young boy though, I thought little about relationships and how they were established. It was over time as I became older and naturally more interested in relationships that I began to pay attention to couples both in person and in the entertainment industry. As I continued to grow I realized that most of the things that I believed to be true about relationships were no longer true. All of my knowledge on relationships was incorporated into my way of thinking through all the exposure that experienced as I grew up. My parents have always been around and I have seen them working well together and achieving the things they wanted. Intimacy and comprehension are two very important things in a relationship as indicated in the article Intimacy: Strength in Vulnerability by Cordova. Our current society has evolved into being more preservative and discrete when it comes to talking about relationships and intimate encounters. This can make it difficult for people with no experience in this subject to properly educate themselves on the subject and could lead to many misinterpretations and

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