Privacy Or Privacy Essay

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Is it Privacy or Protection?
In this generation, there is no such thing as privacy. Privacy is something that people will always want, but they will never fully get or earn, which Paul Woodward and Geoffrey R. Stone classified. Paul Woodward, software knowledge architect, editor, designer, and owner of the Website War in Context, is a bricoleur that untwists political judgments by applying critical intelligence for his readers. In his article “Privacy and Democracy” he explains the importance of self-defined privacy and state-defined privacy. The government uses their power to construct what individuals should and should not know. In the united states, they claim that citizens have privacy, but they hardly do. As Woodward pointed out a statement
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According to Peter Singer, “Every day, The National Security Agency intercepts 1.7 billion emails, phone calls, instant messages, bulletin-board postings, and other communications” (Singer 425). With this amount of information being tracked every day, it is hard for an individual to feel safe and trust the government, in my opinion. An extreme number of individuals are being tracked without possibly doing anything wrong but living. There is no reason why people with no lawbreaking crimes are being tracked without their consent, it is not right and unfair to those that want their privacy. As Woodward mentioned the government is “violating the individual’s right to self-determination, and when this is done in the name of national security, the freedom of the individual has been reduced to be a reward granted and measured by the state..” (Woodward). The government uses their name and authority as a way to mislead and invade an individual’s privacy. The last thing that people should be worrying about is if the government is watching them or not. The government should only track people when it is necessary. The government is here to the help the citizens of this country, but they have too much power over their citizens. Maybe at times, citizens may feel as if their life is not in their hands, but more on the hands of the government, controlling their every move. The

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