Essay on Privacy Infringement by Surveillance Technology

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It is the 21st Century now; the age of globalization and digitalization. With the integration of the world economies and advancement of the technologies, the world is walking to the path of development
With the increase in the terrorist activities in the world, the nations have felt to strengthen the national security using the latest technology trends; so, have lead to the development of the CCTV’s cameras and with the changing technology trends, the government has started to store the public database and the other activities through internet i.e. the government is trying to switch over e-governance.
But inspite of such development and advancement, the surveillance technology is in the controversy of infringement of the individual’s
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This right has two aspects:-
(1) The general law of privacy which affords a tort action for damages resulting from an unlawful invasion of privacy and
(2) The constitutional recognition given to the right to privacy which protects personal privacy against unlawful governmental invasion.
But as we all are aware of that Right to privacy is not enumerated as a fundamental right in our Constitution but has been many times interpreted from Article 21.
The concept of privacy is also present in the Indian Telegraph Act1885, IT Act 2000 and many other related acts.
Pavan Duggal, a cyber law expert had stated “the concept of privacy has involved in India with the changing social circumstances of our times, with the proliferation of digital platforms in the beginning of this decade, the significance of the right to privacy is being reinforced”

Thus, the concept has developed gradually with the change of time

A Brief introduction to the surveillance technology:
Surveillance means to observe and monitoring the behavior and the activities of the people, often done in the secret manner.
The most common types of surveillance include Computer surveillance, Telephone & Mobile Phones surveillance, video surveillance, satellite imagery, biometric surveillance, identification and credentials etc.
Development of this technology is done for fostering

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