Privacy Based On China 's Internet Regulation Laws Essay

783 Words Sep 7th, 2015 4 Pages
First, one of the key problems is the lack of information the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is sharing with Yahoo!. This dilemma could be averted if the government would state their reason for requesting the information about this user, "houyan1989". As a result, Yahoo! could possibly be more willing to comply with the government. Another issue is the possible violation of privacy based on China’s Internet regulation laws. As a government, its responsibility is to serve and protect its people and also keep order. Asking for "houyan1989’s" data could possibly be in the public’s best interest. However, Yahoo! does not know that due to lack of detail. By asking for personal information without expressing reasonable cause, Yahoo! has every reason to withhold "houyan1989’s" details. In this situation, there are three parties whose needs could be served: the user, Yahoo!, and the People’s Republic of China. The user could possibly be a victim in this case and feel as if their privacy, or rights, were violated; in retaliation, "houyan1989" could possibly seek legal actions against Yahoo! and the PRC. If Yahoo! chooses to release the user 's data, this could scare off current or future users; this would raise eyebrows and make other users feel as though their accounts are also unsafe. Nonetheless, if Yahoo! chooses not to release this material it could be seen as disrespecting the government and possibly lose its ties with the Chinese population. It is known by many that the…

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