Essay about Privacy At The Work Place

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Expectation of privacy at the work place has become more of a concern due to the vast expansion in the use of technology. Emails and Internet have made it more easily for employees to have access too reducing the cost of operating. Many companies have had some sort of electronic surveillance at all times on all of their employees, most are installed into the computers that they use to help monitor and make sure that everything is done and the routinely emails report to the person in charge to give them a brief summary of the activity of what the employers are doing at the computers. Employers have obvious reasons of why they would want to monitor the performance of their employees because employers have more concerns especially with the age of technology and how people are using it. Having the computers be monitored will allow the employers to know that there are no trade secrets happening within the company and to make sure that there is no suspicious activity. When you start a new job, most new hires have to sign a privacy act. The privacy act is not said word for word that the employer can look at anything they want and when they want that pertains to you on their company networks. Employers run various background checks on each individual to ensure that the company interests is protected. Depending on the company, many have requested a drug screen as a pre-screen since it is beneficial to the company that anyone who is hired will be clean and sober, causing the…

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