Prisons Essay

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Pam Moore
November 16, 2015
SOC 375/Corrections
Chapter 14: Institutional Programs

1. Should prisoners be forced to participate in programs? As a correctional officer, what would you do if an inmate did not want to leave his cell?

Yes, programs are beneficial and prisoners should be forced to participate in institutional programs. Not only do they help with filling the harshness of time, but being preoccupied in programs also dismays boredom that could potentially translate into hostility towards the staff. Quinlan’s statement backs this up; “It is absolute the most important ingredient in managing a safe and secure institution to keep the inmates productively occupied, in either work or education or drug treatment or
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For example, no phone calls, visits, or privileges such as going to the commissary. But the officer first should find out why he refuses to leave his cell and write in the log book the problem.

2. How strictly should the principle of least eligibility be applied? Should inmates receive free counseling, education, medical care, and so on? Explain the arguments for and against this idea using the concepts in this chapter.

The principle of least eligibility reflects a strong public hesitation about correctional programming. I believe the principle of least eligibility needs to be strictly enforced. Prisoners, who have been convicted of a crime, should be the least eligible for any benefit beyond the minimum that is required by law; this is morally the right approach for American citizens. But, prison administrators find it difficult to justify the practice of offering services to prisoners that may exceed in quality or value, than those available to law-abiding citizens.
When it comes to government funds being applied to prisoners for education, it is seen as unfair to law-abiding citizens who need those benefits. Others believe that these benefits for prisoners who take educational programs while incarcerated, proves to help in the recidivism of re-arrest. This is a concern because people argue that tax dollars should not be spent on college for inmates, when those who abide by the law have to pay for their college

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