Essay on Prisons Are A Form Of Protection Of Society

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When one is asked what are prisons usually used for, to the average Joe, they might say that it used to house convicted felons for their wrongdoing. Others might say that prisons are a form of protection of society against the potential dangers of these “convicts”. Discussing this complex question in class, the inside and outside students came up with various ways that prisons are used for; some of them include: population control, housing, cheap labor, deterrence, profit, business, “to buy time”, reformation and a multitude of factors. Even though these are plausible options that could be true, what really is the main reason for prisons? Well for author Marc Mauer, incarceration in the United States could be used for the reduction of crime. Because of America’s obsession to reduce more crime, the cost of actually building prisons in “both fiscal and human terms, have been substantial, with corrections spending now at $57 billion a year nationally.” (p. 92) With discussion of imprisonment over many years regarding the connection of crime rates and incarceration, imprisons convicted offenders such as Jeffery Dahmer, Charles Manson, John Wayne Gacy, etc. seems reasonable; many innocent citizens were not victimized due to their imprisonment. Yet, not all prisoners are serial murders or rapists with “half of all state and federal prison inmates currently serving time for a non-violent drug or property offense.” (p. 92) Thusly, policy holders trying to figure out a decision to…

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