Prisons And The Criminal Justice System Essay

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The criminal justice system, at first, seems to have an overwhelming amount of moving parts, and it can be complex. One of the things that nearly everyone thinks of when they hear the term “criminal justice” is jail or prison. The purpose and types of jails, the advantages and disadvantages of private prisons, and the identification of the challenges of prison life are the subjects that will be covered in this essay. Are jails and prisons really necessary? Are they to be considered inhuman? Is it really better for a person to be isolated from the rest of the world? These are questions that shall be answered at the end of this essay. First, let’s address the purpose and types of jails. What is the purpose of jails? Jail is a place for people to be confined that are accused or convicted of a crime. Inmates are not in jail for very long, just until the inmate is ready to be tried in court. The average amount of time an inmate will spend in jail (according to Rikers Island one of the largest city jails in the US.) is 36 to 50 days. Now there is three different types of jails: Native American jails, Federal civilian jails, and Local civilian jails. All have their own purpose to which a person will be held based on their race, on the type of crime they are being accused of, and on the mental illness of the accused. Native American country jails only hold Native Americans living in Native American counties who are accused or convicted of a crime. Then, they are…

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