Prisoners Without Trial By Roger Daniels Essays

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For four years, America engaged in the most deadliest and effecting war known to history- World War II. Throughout this time period, more lives had been lost on and off the battlefield than any other war. In the beginning, the United States had hoped to be like a ghost, unseen as a part of the war and it was not until tragic struck the people of America until Roosevelt chose to join in. On December 7, 1941 -the attack on Pearl Harbor forced America to partake in the war. After this attack, over 100,000 lives would be changed within just a few months. In Prisoners Without Trial by Roger Daniels, writes about the lives of these families and how they were forced to leave everything they owned in order to be placed in internment camps. From 1940-46, the government of the United States chose to use their fearfulness and personal discrimination to place innocent people into these camps. By doing this, the government exemplified parallelism to what Hitler was doing to many people in Germany. Because of this, our beliefs in America’s involvement during World War II becomes convoluted.
During 1941, Roosevelt urged Congress to pass the Lend-Lease Act, and doing this allowed the United States to grow closely with the allies that were currently fighting in the war. Not only did this upset the Japanese, but Roosevelt also froze the resources that they were receiving from America, including their trading goods (Foner 677). Because if this, the Japanese became infuriated and decided to…

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