Prisoner Without a Name Essay examples

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Prisoner without a name, cell without a number By Jacobo Timerman

"Jacobo Timerman was detained because he was charged with being a communist and was ultimately released when he demonstrated that he was not. The Argentine military did not like that he was Jewish, but this was not truly what put his life at risk."

Timerman was being interrogated by the President of Argentina during the time he was accused of being a communist. The questions arose first from him being a Zionist. Zionism is national liberation, and is a Jewish political movement. This generally meant that the political movement had supported the self-determination of the Jewish people seen in a sovereign Jewish national homeland. This was seen since the establishment
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This pointed towards socialism, anarchism and communism. Not only did his liberal newspaper point towards socialism and communism, but it was founded that Timerman was a part of a communist youth group earlier on. During his interrogation, as portrayed in the book, this was something he was fickle with in terms of answer. Though, it was the reason given for his arrest, abduction and torture, it did not seem like a very likely reason to keep him detained. And, Timerman was not a communist, the military seemed to know this, yet they still kept him incarcerated. While Jews may not have been popular during that time in Argentina, Timerman was not kept in prison because of this. There was a deeper reason, even different from him being allegedly a communist. It may have been wrong for Timerman to admit that he was a Zionist in front of the Argentinean President during the time because this was when Zionism was still a hot topic and was being accused of having racial ideologies. It is argued that the racist characteristics of nationalism can be found in the Zionist ideology and in the State of Israel, a nation state. The word Zionism is used today for the foundational ideology of the Israeli nation state - the claims by which it justifies its existence. However Zionism as a nationalist movement is older than that state: past and present Zionism does not always coincide. There are four reasons why Zionism was not welcomed and can still be considered racist. This, may

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