Prison Term Policy Paper

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Prison Term Policy Recommendation Proposal Melody Kibbe Criminology 314
April 7, 2013
Corry Powers

Prison Term Policy Recommendation Proposal
Considering policy making as it relates to the criminal offenses, will allow the state legislatures security in knowing that citizens will be safe by putting this new bill into place. This bill will also give law enforcement officials power to arrest convicted armed robbery individuals and placing them behind bars. By explaining with a brief description of recommendations that would be made, reasoning’s behind my recommendations, informing individuals whether the bill is good or bad, and also confirm the bill is effective.
Recommendations that I would make to the state legislatures about
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The credibility and accuracy to the information, data, statistics you represent when presenting to the state legislature office, needs to have background research to support any claims that are being brought before them. Such as the armed robbery cases bill, that will help deter armed robbers from robbing individuals. If they were reprimanded with a higher sentence doubling the time in prison for their involvement in any armed robbery case they may be a participant in.
I conquer this bill will be effective in many ways for not only the community, but for law enforcement officials as well. By allowing the bill into office will give members of the community a sense of comfort in their own homes each evening when they turn to tuck their children into bed for the night. Also, it helps the community have an open communication with their law enforcement official throughout the community, deterring armed robbery criminals and other criminals from getting involve with such mischievous activities which will result in a double sentence of prison time. Just by knowing there will be reprocussions for their criminal behavior, will deter there criminal tendencies.
So with consideration in passing the armed robbery policy making change. By putting this bill into place before the state legislatures office a law for convicted armed robbers with hopes to deter there criminal behavior tendencies. By sharing with you how policy making related to the criminal

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