Essay on Prison System Of The United States And Denmark

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There are many prison systems around the world, a couple of them being the United States and Denmark. After viewing Frontline, Prison State, and Denmark’s Prison Service, it shows the differences of the two prison systems of the United States and Denmark and the effects it can have on society. In Beecher Terrace, a housing project of Kentucky, these individuals are being punished for minor offences such as skipping school or drugs. Everyone of Beecher Terrace knows someone close to them that have been in prison, many that have been there multiple times. These people are in a low income community where the crime rate is high and can’t get the help they need such as social services and human services. One of the gentlemen in the video is in prison for drugs and also has mental conditions, he needs drug rehab and therapy to help him, prison is not working since he is a repeat offender. When looking at wealthier communities the crime rates are lower and there’s not the exposure to crime, unlike those of lower income neighborhoods, where they are surrounded by crime. Labeling theory is how one reacts to deviant behavior and not what the person has actually done. In the symbolic-interaction theory, the people of Kentucky are being locked up for every social problem, things that upset the community rather than putting the community in harm. In Denmark the prison system is the last resort, and is for those that commit serious crimes rather than minor offences like that of the…

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