Prison System In The United States

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What is the reason for prison systems in the U.S.? These detainees get rewarded for committing crimes and the only real punishment they receive is being parted from their families while sharing a cell with other convicts, but what they do to the rest of civilization is much worse.
Us hardworking law abiding citizens work day and night, some working multiple jobs struggling to live day to day. While our tax dollars are paying to build more federally funded prisons that give these detainees free food, free housing, an allowance if their families give them money to buy from commissary , while also having access to t.v.'s, gaming systems, etc. These criminals whether they are dangerous criminals or they committed a minor first offense crime, they are living a luxurious life behind bars which is not fair nor sensible. Why do we continue to reward for bad behavior, knowing it encourages people to continue breaking the law because in the
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These prisons are federally funded with our hard earned money, "With the largest prison system of any country in the world, the U.S. spends approximately 79 billion dollars a year on corrections."" Mass incarceration is the number of people in the United States that began in the mid 1970s. (Mass incarceration/US History in context/Gale encyclopedia of US Economic History, 2015)" Once mass incarceration started it all turned to chaos, "This figure rose 500 percent between 1980 and 2014, with one out of every 31 U.S. adults or an estimated 2-3 million people, behind bars.(Mass incarceration/US History in context/Gale encyclopedia of US Economic History, 2015)" Just

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