Prison System In Pakistan Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… objectives: The prison system of Pakistan is based on the mid nineteenth century British made law known as Prisons Act, 1894 adopted as Federal Law in Pakistan on independence in 1947. Prison administration, being provincial subject, is regulated under uniform Pakistan Prison Rules, 1978 uptodate with amendments by all provinces from time to time. But all the prison laws with these Rules need to be integrated as concisely reformed Prison Code or Correction Code of Pakistan with its basic purpose as “superintendence” and “management” of Prisons in Pakistan on modern lines. Management is a modern term with scientific principles of administration to achieve the objectives of any organization, as stated earlier. Rule-I of the Prison Code delineates that the prisons in Pakistan regulate the confinement, treatment and transfer of prisoners maintaining full discipline of inmates in their custody, control and care with cure.
b. top administrators:
(i) The Political Administrators – The Chief Minister and the Minister of
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leadership capabilities of prison mangers: Modern prison management and house keeping of jails as corrections need leadership of prison keepers with following characteristics: (i) LEPICOOJ: Leader; Educator; Psychologist; (all) Informed; Cooperative; Organizer; (well) Oriented; Jack of all. (ii) POSDCOORB: Planner; Organized; Staff Developer; Director; Coordinator; Orientator; Operator of all jobs good Report writer; Budget expert. (iii) 6 P’s: Master (of all); Manager (of best caliber); Moderate; Motivator, Money saver; Management guide. (iv) M.B.O: Management by Objective.
It requires the best talents of organization leaders as “managers (using least) budget (giving best) out-put”.
The Prison mangers (Superintendent on the top, as leader, Deputy Superintendent as Chief Executive and Assistant Superintendents in the line are executives. Chief Warder/Head Warder on the line, as disciplinarians, must achieve universal prison objectives.
Prison objectives universally are in following 6 C’s: (i) Custody of inmates with perfect

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