Prison Is One Of The Most Deceptive And Dangerous Places On Earth

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Prison is one of the most deceptive and dangerous places on earth. The people placed in prison are some of worst in our society today. There is another side of the prison system that most people tend to forget exists. The side I am talking about is one of good and protection, where bravery is an everyday occurrence. The officers that stand between society and the monsters they have caged here are often forgotten and go unnoticed. I became one of those officers shortly after leaving military service. I joined the Florida Department of Corrections because I was missing something in my life that I had lost when I left the military. I loved the excitement and danger of the military. I mostly missed the comradery and being with people that you could trust with your life. I made every effort to learn and follow the rules and regulations required by every officer. These rules were designed to make sure the monsters would stay where they were supposed to and keep the officers from being lured into corruption. There was an experience that changed everything for me in the way I looked at the officers around me.

It all began when I was transferred to the work-release unit of the prison. This place is where the inmates who had little time left, could go and work in a real job in society. This was a good assignment as it was less stress and the inmates were more respondent to instruction. Though we had an occasional inmate that would break the rules, the majority of the inmates followed…

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