Prison Is Not A Morally Appropriate Form Of Punishment Essay

1343 Words Nov 9th, 2015 6 Pages
As of 2008, roughly 2.3 million American citizens were incarcerated, making up twenty-five percent of the world’s prisoner population . Non-profit organizations such as the Red Cross, local food shelters, Teach for America, and the Boys and Girls Club are always in search of assistance, but yet there are millions of Americans locked away in cells not able to produce any good for society. Within society currently, one of the most efficient and productive ways to produce positive change for the public is to commit time to community service. Individuals who partake in criminal activity take away from society, contributing negative feelings and often times physical destruction to the world around them. Today, a fair share of justice systems around the world imprison criminals for prolonged periods of time in an effort to punish them and thus make a right out of their wrongdoings. In this paper I will argue that sentencing criminals to an extended amount of time in prison is not a morally appropriate form of punishment because of the numerous flaws held within the incarceration system; instead criminals should be sentenced to do volunteer work rather than serve time in prison due to the utilitarian benefits that come about from a system based upon this principle. In order to support this stance, I will outline the benefits and drawbacks of allowing a community service oriented punishment system to take control within society. The notion that criminals should serve their…

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