Prison Gangs Essay

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Prison Gangs

Prison Gangs
According to (Wikipedia) a prison gang is a term used to identify any type of gang activity in prisons and correctional facilities. The difference between prison gangs and street gangs has become unclear because gang members are in and out of the prison system according to the (Street Gangs and Interventions: Innovative Problem Solving with Network Analysis, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, 2005). Prison gangs offer more than just simple protection for the members in prison; many prison gangs are responsible for drug, tobacco and other contraband handling. Prison gangs often seek to intimidate other inmates and bribe or intimidate prison staff. Prison gangs are a large influence of organized
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The gangs are growing and as they multiply in the prisons the more dangerous the facility is. There are inmates who are in fear for their lives due to the gang members in prison. There are multiple articles on prison gangs actually too many to choose from but this one stood out as I was reading over all of them. It talks about a prison gang in Georgia that sets fire in the prison facility during a fight. This particular fight broke out after guard lost control. The inmates destroyed dormitories, broke into the administration office and set fire to furniture. According to the (Atlanta Associated Press) the fight was gang related and the inmates smuggled cellphones illegally in to the prison to organize the fight. The fight was in a medium security tent city on the grounds that housed about 250 inmates in tents. The fight started between two gangs that were both smuggling contraband into the facility to facilitate the fight. In the medium security prison no inmates tried to escape during the fight. The guard found an inmate had been stabbed in the back and took him to the med unit. With the guard transporting the inmate that led other gang member to see the injury and seek revenge. Within 15 minutes of the transport multiple fights broke out. The number of inmates and the number of guards was a down fall to the extent of the damage done. If there were more guards on duty perhaps there wouldn’t have been as much damage. The correctional system fails in the

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