Prison Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… risks/cost. From this Becker reasoned that by changing this calculus, by causing the risks and costs to outweigh the benefits, the rate of crime could be decreased (Saunders & Billante, 2002). Much discussion developed out of Becker’s argument, and though it was not agreed by everyone that all criminals were in fact rational utility maximisers, eventually from this it was decided that to increase cost and risks in this equation firstly they must increase the probability of being caught and second ensure that offenders saw prison time as a result of their actions. Funding was increased to ensure capture and conviction and new policies were implemented to increase the severity of penalties resulting in both high prison rates (doubling from 1970-1980 and again doubling from 1981-1995) but also drastic decreases in crime outlined below (Morris & Rothman, …show more content…
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