Printing Press: The Greatest Invention Of All Time

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The Greatest Invention of All Time The greatest invention of all time is the printing press, the printing press is the greatest invention of all time for a few reasons. The printing press allowed people to purchase books for a cheaper price and to learn more without having a teacher telling them what they need to know. The invention of the printing press also made a lot of the stories and information that people spread a lot more precise and correct. Before the printing press came to be, almost all of the information that was out in the open got distorted and mixed up. A good example of this is the game Telephone, as you pass the message along the message gets mixed up and changed, so before writing all of the stories and information wasn’t exactly correct. Before the printing press monks had to copy all the books, it took monks an average of 20 years to copy a bible. Having only monks copy books made them very expensive and only available to the rich and royalty. The inventor of the Printing Press was Johannes Gutenberg, was a German blacksmith, goldsmith, printer, and publisher who introduced printing in Europe. Gutenberg perfected small metal type,each type was a single letter or character. Movable type had been used in Asia hundreds of years earlier, but Gutenberg’s innovation of a casting system and metal alloys is what made production easier.

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