Printing and Different Types Essay

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Personal statement – Use of office equipment

1. Identify different types of equipment and their uses. • Telephones – To make and receive calls. • Photocopier – To photocopy documents etc. • Printer – To send print jobs. • Computer – To produce documents and various other tasks. • Scanner – To scan documents. • Shredder – To shred any documents with personal information on. • Fax – To send documents through a telephone line.

2. Describe the different features of different types of office equipment. • Printers – To print in high volume, colour and black and white documents. • Photocopiers – To copy documents on a large or small scale. • Telephones – To communicate with members of staff
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Also when printing a document you can print double sided to reduce the amount of paper used. • Ink – Again always check documents before you send them to print, this will minimise wasted ink. • Electricity – Always shut down your work stations correctly at the end of the working day and switch it all off at the mains.

3.3 Explain the purpose of minimising waste.
The purpose for minimising waste is to reduce costs. Each piece of equipment will cost the company money so by minimising waste you are minimising expenses. Also by recycling you are minimising waste and are therefore having a positive effect on the environment.

4.1 Give examples of equipment problems.
There are many different types of problems that may occur with equipment such as: • Loss of internet connection. • Ink/Paper runs out of the printer. • Paper jam in the printer. • Faulty phone line.

4.2 Explain the purpose of following manufacturer’s instructions and organisational procedures when dealing with problems.
You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions as this would be the best and safest way to solve the problem, it would also inform you as to whether you would need to contact a technician to come and fix the problem. If you try and fix it yourself you could end up causing more damage to the equipment. The organisational procedures are in place for health and safety reasons to protect you and your

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