Principles Of The Community Health Nurse As An Educators

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This concept was taken from module 3 “Planning Health Education program within community services”, Sub- topic 2 “The role of the community Health Nurse as an Educator.
Teaching is a process of providing opportunity for student to enable them produce a permanent change through the engagement in experiences that is provided by the teacher.
Learning as defined by Daniel Bell is “the modification due to energies of organism and environment impinging on the organism itself”.
Teaching –Learning Process can be defined as the most powerful instrument of education to bring about desired changes in the students. This is what determines the fulfillment of the aims and objectives of
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Hence while teaching it is paramount to know how to communicate to them to avoid misunderstanding.
3. SUBJECT RELEVANCE: Clients will pay more attention to a concept that they feel is important to them. In a community where eclampsia is a major problem, when a health talk is been conducted on eclampsia people will be more attentive because they want to know how the problem can be stopped. Also in a community where there is an outbreak of cholera people will pay more attention on health education to ensure good sanitation and proper food and water hygiene, and they will take measures taught by the health educator to prevent infection.
4. CLIENT PARTICIPATION: When clients participate in the educational process, learning is faster. When the educator is setting up her objectives, the client should be involved in setting this objective. When clients are involved in the educational process they become more attentive and focus towards attaining the objectives. Learning becomes easier since they were involved in setting the
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She actually needs the health education but the timing is wrong. It will be best to educate her later in the ward when her blood glucose level has been controlled. Also for this same client she understands the need for health education of diabetic so that she does not have hyperglycemia again. Hence she will pay attention and learning will be faster. She can also be involved in setting the goal for the health education and when we do that she will even be looking forward to the session of health

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