Principles of Software Engineering Essay

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1. Describe each law in your own words. Illustrate with a practical example.

Glass’ law

Glass law states that the “Requirement deficiencies are the prime source of project failures”. He says that collecting the requirements of a project is the first step which leads to complete the project successfully. Robert Glass made several researches and investigated the failed projects and concluded the above statement.
The main problem in a failure project is the lace of requirements, eighter the requirements
Provided incorrectly or not paid more attention at their definition. Goal setting are important for a project. The unsolved problem for the project failure is ignoring the requirements definition.
Robert Glass provided many evidences
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The Analysis, Design, and Implementation phases performed at the same time and on each cycle resulting in a system prototype that will be reviewed by the project sponsor. The cycle repeated frequently based on the sponsor opinion until the prototype successfully meets the system requirements. The last prototype will then be called the actual system. Prototyping development needs only initial basic analysis and design, but as the result important system functions may not be recognized in the middle of project development. Prototyping methodology can delivers the task or project quickly to users, even though the system will not provide all the requirements. The following diagram illustrates Prototyping methodology.


3. Using the first four laws of the text, show where these are either implemented or missing in each software development methodology (Total Two). If a law is missing, explain the consequences and suggest how the process might be improved.

Waterfall Methodology:

Waterfall Methodology follows Glass law, the first phase of this model shows the collection of the requirements before the project starts. As there is no requriment deficency, there is a less failure of the project according to Robert Glass. As we are rectify the errors in the beginning after collecting the requirements in the designing phase, which leads to give low cost in future

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