Bodybuilding Research Paper

Healthy Eating and Bodybuilding
The appearance of a bodybuilder is generally the fine figure of health, so it should be that a bodybuilders is the fine figure of health. For this reason, it is imperative that the bodybuilder adapts the healthy eating guidelines to suit his/her nutrition. Some principles of healthy eating are not entirely in line with the ideal bodybuilding diet in order to achieve optimum results; for example the average individual would not consume anywhere where near as much protein as a bodybuilder would. Some bodybuilders argue that a 'normal' diet is just not suitable for optimum muscle growth. I feel, eating a good diet is crucial in order to stay healthy, and staying healthy is, in turn crucial, for maximum training
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In reality they obviously are not, from a fat point of view, so a degree of subjectivity is needed.
Be careful not to use too much salt - in agreement with the bodybuilding diet
Keep to sensible alcohol limits - a keen bodybuilder will only drink very occasionally although a small amount of alcohol can have some health benefits.

Like everyone, a bodybuilder should eat a wide variety of foods, and include foods from the four main food groups everyday. Obviously, the quantities which are recommended to the general population are not in line with bodybuilding nutrition requirements, but do give a guide as to what is a healthy diet.

Starchy foods - cereals, potatoes, bread, rice pasta.
Fruit and vegetables - all fresh, frozen and canned, fruit juice. Have at least five servings a day ~ provides vitamins, minerals and fibre.
Meat, fish and alternatives - red meat, poultry, fish, beans, lentils, nuts, eggs, cheese ~ provides protein and some minerals.
Milk and milk products - milk, yoghurt, cheese. Have either a half to one pint of low fat milk per day, or include yoghurt or low fat cheese ~ provides protein and

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