Essay on Principles Of Classroom Management : Chapter 1

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Principles of Classroom Management: Chapter 1
Analysis of the Chapter: Managing a classroom comes with a lot to consider and your students are just part of it! As a teacher you must first realize that you are there for a lot more than just teaching a lesson, you are also there to be a meaningful influence to your students and their behavior. Behavior is always a major concern as a classroom teacher. You walk into your classroom on the first day of school knowing very little about your students or what their educational background is. Luckily if the teacher has the right approach to behavior problems a student’s background actual plays only a small part in the success of a classroom and the whole school year in general. Although a student’s behavior can sometimes be less than ideal, there are ways to resolve classroom behavior without having to force change onto the student. It is important to remember that every child and situation is different, although one solution is great for one situation in your class it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for a different situation. It is important to practice patience in the classroom behavior changes are not going to happen right away, it will take time and hard work on both the part of the teacher and the student.
Consider Methodology: It all comes down to the teacher’s state of mind. When a teacher decides to approach the classroom, knowing there will be behavior issues but they choose to evaluate themselves first that is when…

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